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Chapter Executive Director

About CAI

Who We Are

CAI is an international membership organization dedicated to building better communities. With more than 42,000 members, CAI works in partnership with 60 chapters, including a chapter in South Africa, as well as with housing leaders in a number of other countries, including Australia, Canada, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. CAI provides information, education and resources to the homeowner volunteers who govern communities and the professionals who support them. CAI members include association board members and other homeowner leaders, community managers, association management firms and other professionals who provide products and services to associations. More…

Chapter Mission

The Southeast Chapter of CAI serves Broward, Dade and Monroe Counties.

Our mission is to provide education and networking opportunities to Board Members, Community Association Managers and Business Partners to enable the successful operation of community associations.

‘Fill the Bin’ Bahamas relief effort, held October 29, 2019 at the Jacaranda Country Club.

Join Community Associations Institute

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Homeowners, Board Members & Community Leaders

Learn about innovations in other communities, access time and money-saving tools and take advantage of opportunities to share information and knowledge with your peers.

Community Managers

CAI provides the opportunity to learn from your peers, share your own expertise and access tools, resources and information that can make you a more effective and respected manager.

Business Partners

Gain direct access to thousands of potential customers. Membership provides opportunities to enhance current client relationships and information to help you succeed in the growing community association marketplace. Business Partner members include attorneys, accountants, insurance professionals, reserve providers, bankers/lenders, builder/developers, realtors, software providers, landscapers, roofers and many others.

Other Memberships

Learn About our Multi-Chapter, Student, Public Official and National Corporate memberships. Membership dues total includes a mandatory advocacy support fee and an optional donation to the Foundation for Community Association Research.

Management Companies

Learn from your peers, expand your client base and access tools, resources and information that can make you a more effective and respected manager and corporate executive. Extend to all of your managers the opportunity to be a member of CAI and reap all the benefits. Membership for managers in your company is not included with a Management Company membership. An individual Manager membership must be purchased.

Our Board and CED

Steve Mason, PCAM

President, Manager

Sally Mevers, CIRMS

Vice-President, Insurance

Andrew Dyke, CPA

President-Elect, CPA

Luis Alicea, LCAM

Treasurer, MANAGER

Russell M. Robbins, Esq.

Secretary, Attorney

Rebecca Prieto

Director, Banking

Michael Bender, Esq.

Director, Attorney, B.C.S.

Kathy Naughton, CMCA, AMS

Director, Banking

James "Jimmy" Gonzalez, LCAM, EBP

Director, Collections

Mary Molina-Macfie

Director, Homeowner Leader

Marcy Kravit, AMS, CFCAM, CMCA, PCAM

Director, Homeowner

Nicole Salcedo

Chapter Executive Director

Our Committees

Awards Committee

  • Marcy Kravit, Chair; CMCA, AMS, PCAM, CFCAM
  • Leeyen Sieza
  • Diana Ollert

CAI Gives Back

  • James Gonzalez, Chair;  EBP, CAM
  • Eddy Pereira, Jr., PCAM
  • Wayne Belina
  • Mary Macfie

Events Broward

  • Kathy Naughton, Co-chair; CAM
  • Lisa Elkan, Co-chair
  • Jimmy Gonzalez
  • Andrew Dyke, CPA

Election Committee

  • Vishnu Sharma, CPA

Florida Legislative Alliance

  • Michael S. Bender, Esq., BCS
  • Mary Macfie

Golf Committee

  • Steve Mason, PCAM, Chair
  • Todd Woonton
  • Poul Folkerson
  • Sally Mevers, CIRMS
  • Jorge Garcia
  • Jimmy Gonzalez
  • David Dweck

Magazine Committee

  • Marcy Kravit, Chair; AMS, CFCAM, CMCA, PCAM

Membership Committee

  • Diana Zayas-Bazan (coordinator)
  • Russell M. Robbins, Esq., Co-chair
  • Rebecca Prieto, Co-chair
  • Darren Cunningham
  • Florence Johnson
  • Kelly Kuhn
  • Diana Olert
  • Michael Poorman
  • Rebecka Sanchez
  • Nicole Salcedo

Events Miami-Dade

  • Luis Alicea, LCAM, Chair
  • Santiago Grossy
  • Ashley Artiles

Scholarship / Mentoring

  • Steve Mason, PCAM
  • Sally Mevers, CIRMS
  • Michael Bender, Esq., BCS
  • Reginald Andre
  • Wayne Belina

Expo Committee

  • Andrew Dyke, CPA
  • Vishnu Sharma, CPA

Social Media

  • Steve Mason, PCAM
  • Nicole Salcedo
  • Rebecka Sanchez