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2021 CAI-SE Florida Excellence Awards
Make your nominations for Outstanding Manager and Homeowner Leader

CAI is dedicated to building better communities. That mission is fulfilled, in part, by the hard work and dedication of our many volunteers, members, and leaders. CAI recognizes our best and brightest members with the CAI Excellence Awards. Help us identify those who are most worthy of recognition for their accomplishments and contributions throughout 2021 by nominating them for a CAI Excellence Award. Registration (nominations) ends July 1, 2021. Deadline for photo essay is September 20, 2021. The winners will be announced at the Chapter Holiday Party in December 2021.

The individual or community must be a CAI member or managed by an entity that is a CAI member, in good standing with both their CAI local association and CAI National to be considered. Specifically, all membership fees, and any other debt, must be up-to-date prior to entry. Nominees may enter each category, but can only win one of them. Instructions are below; click on the star next to the title of each Award Category to expand its content:

This award will be given to a Member Manager who is a member of CAI and has excelled in the field of community management and who is demonstrably engaged in the chapter. Nominees must have achieved and currently maintain a Florida LCAM.  This award will take into consideration the following:

  • What distinguishes this nominee from other community association managers?
  • What impact has this manager had on the community or communities they manage? What is this manager’s most outstanding achievements over the last year?
  • What has this manager done to support the goals and objectives of CAI and how is the manager engaged in the chapter?

Manager Expertise Photo Essay Submission and other required files

  • A 750-1000-word Photo-Essay (explaining why the Applicant feels they deserve to receive the “Manager of the Year” award)
  • Three Letters of Recommendation: (1) from a volunteer Board Member serving at an Association you currently manage; (2) from a Homeowner (and not a Board Member) living at an Association that you currently manage; (3) from a Community Association Industry Professional of your choosing.
  • Headshot Photo

Include the following:

  • Provide details about the scope of your responsibilities for the topics below and your involvement in CAI.
  • Highlight your accomplishments and share your experiences.
  • Explain whether you can take credit for any major improvements/turn arounds or have gone above and beyond the call of duty for any the 10 topics listed below. Set aside your humility and do a bit of bragging! Here are the topics:
  1. Accounting, Banking & Finance
  2. Budgeting, Operating, Reserves & Collections
  3. Financial Statements & Variance Reports
  4. Insurance & Risk Management
  5. Technology & Security
  6. Employee Relations
  7. Legal & Governance
  8. Community Building/Resident Relations/Communications
  9. Board Meeting Coordination
  10. Preventative Maintenance & Operations

This award will be given to a Board member who is a member of CAI that has excelled in the field of leadership and community governance. Nominees should demonstrably cultivate a true sense of community, promote active resident involvement, and create a culture of informed consensus. Nominees should strive to preserve the character of their community, protect property values, meet and/or exceed the expectations of homeowners, and serve in the best interests of the association. Nominations must include an overview of what this community association board member has done to earn your nomination. Include information such as involvement with CAI, community and board operations, involvement in the community at-large, and other supporting information. Judging is based on the responses to the questions listed below:

  1. Indicate the volunteer position the applicant holds and for how long he/she has served in this position (Association Board of Directors, Committee, Special Projects). Describe the accomplishment(s) related to the award category and include the activities that led up to the accomplishment(s)
  2. Describe how the applicant has set themselves apart from other volunteers by attending education or other industry events and activities
  3. Provide examples that illustrate leadership, such as cooperation with CAI, association board members, working with management, other homeowners, and/or business partners
  4. Describe how the applicant is considered a role model and leader for community volunteers within the industry. Was there anything about the accomplishment(s) that exceeded the normal course of everyday responsibilities/services or especially generated a sense of community for the association
  5. List any additional considerations, such as community service outside of CAI-SE FL.
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