2017 Scholarship Application
  • CMCA Designation ($500)
  • AMS Designation ($750)
  • PCAM Designation ($2,500)

By completing this online Scholarship Application, I certify that the information presented in the application are, to the best of my knowledge, true and correct.

Rules & Eligibility:
  1. CAI Southeast Florida Chapter Manager Member
  2. Licensed Florida CAM
  3. Attended at least four Chapter events during the previous 12 months
  4. Complete the online application and essay*

Application Process:

  1. Complete the online application*
  2. Provide the course work or license you plan to complete with this scholarship


Essay topic should be tied to your Community Association experiences and demonstrate how you utilized your education and abilities to  assist a Community and/or Board with a problem.

Within the essay, be sure to include specifics as to your aims and objectives as well as the methods or methodologies you used to assist with solving the problem, and how your education allowed you to successfully assist the Community.

*NOTE: Online application must be completed once you begin. There is
no saving to return later. If you do not complete it in one seating, you
will have to start from the beginning.

Full Name:*
Community Association:*
Employer Full Address:*
Are you currently serving as a Board Member for your Association?:*
Length of time as an Association Board Member (n/a if not applicable):*
Position on Board (n/a if not applicable):*
Are you currently serving on a committee in your community association?:*
If yes, name the committee(s). Use 'no' if not applicable.:*
Are you currently serving as a CAI Chapter Board Member:*
Length of time and Position as CAI Chapter Board Member. 'n/a' if not applicable.:*
Are you currently serving on a committee in your local CAI Chapter?:*
If Yes, note the committee. If No, list a committee on which you'll serve if chosen.:*
Description of leadership activities:*
List the CAI-SEFL Chapter Events you attended in the past 12 months:*
Check the Scholarship you seek (one only):*
Provide the course work or license you plan to complete if you receive this scholarship:*
Essay (500 words or LESS, summarize why you feel you should receive this scholarship):*
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